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Spring Session I

『英文交流,機智問答』運用了英文交流,課堂模式和互動式機智問答遊戲的方式,專門設計給英語為非母語人士。 (Trivia) 機智問答遊戲,通常對非母語人士來說非常困難,因為它需要深入地了解當地文化。


Social Media is an English language exchange, class, and interactive trivia game designed for non-native English speakers. English trivia is usually very difficult for non-native speakers because it relies heavily on obscure cultural references. Social Media is different.

Each week we cover one topic in great detail. The trivia game is built into the topic powerpoint. If the topic is music, we won’t answer trivia questions like “Who wrote the song ‘Turn the Page’?”. This is too specific. Instead, we use English to make an educated guess about numbers, in a multiple choice style question. “How many songs are in the average rock album?” or “How many violins are in the average orchestra?” We can use what we learn to guess these answers correctly. Previous knowledge about the topic is not necessary. We only ask that you have intermediate English speaking and listening ability.

📌Theme of the week:
📍03/03 Serial Killers

💬Discussion Questions:
1️⃣ Who is the worst serial killer of all time?
2️⃣ How do killers choose their victims?
3️⃣ Why do most killers come from America?

19:30-19:45 Icebreaker
19:45-21:00 Background introduction of the theme
21:00-21:30 Watching selected videos and small group discussion

🚩報名網址: New Students, please register on the google form

活動費用:NT200 (不包含低消一杯飲料或一份甜點)
Entrance fee (Doc Workshop Students): Minimum order of one item
*Must attend class the same week
Entrance fee for all others: NT200 (Not include a minimum order of one item)
活動時間: Every Sunday 19:30-21:30
活動地點: Ooh Cha Cha 自然食科技大樓 & Hooch
台北市大安區和平東路二段118巷4-1號 B1
Come practice English by sharing and discussing relevant viral news videos about current events.
The host, an English teacher and documentary producer from NYC, will present a lecture and video playlist on a weekly topic, and then open the floor to small group discussion. This will help us practice our critical thinking skills and view talking points from different perspectives.
Different themes will be held each relating to economics, health care, politics, education, culture, travel and the environment.

📍03/03 Serial Killers
1️⃣ Who is the worst serial killer of all time?
2️⃣ How do killers choose their victims?
3️⃣ Why do most killers come from America?

📍03/10 School Differences Redux
1️⃣ How is school in Taiwan different from America?
2️⃣ What is prom?
3️⃣ Which students start school the earliest?

📍03/17 Mythology
1️⃣ What is the difference between Greek and Roman mythology?
2️⃣ Which god is Nike named after?
3️⃣ What is the difference between polytheism and monotheism?

📍03/24 Phobias
1️⃣ Which phobias are the most common?
2️⃣ Why do people develop phobias?
3️⃣ What is your phobia?

📍03/31 Weird Sports
1️⃣ What is Kiotoshi?
2️⃣ Who is Kyra Poh?
3️⃣ Where is cheese rolling popular?

📍04/14 Edutainment Game: TBD
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Doc English Workshop provides a fun English environment, uses innovative teaching styles to help students enjoy learning. We aim to not only improve your English ability, but also to enhance your international perspectives and critical thinking skills.

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