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  Pantree一直都是我們的研發團隊並研發出Ooh Cha Cha所有的菜色,這幾個月來,創辦人Mai不停嘗試獨特的新菜色,而這份獨一無二的新菜單終於誕生了,Pantree提供的午餐菜單,將會更頻繁地更換菜色,希望透過美食讓大家敞開心胸交流,歡迎將任何想法與我們一同分享,未來幾個禮拜內也會在網路商店與你們見面喔~


We’re stoked to finally share our experimental kitchen, Pantree, with you! Pantree houses our R&D team that currently creates the items offered at Ooh Cha Cha. For the past few months, co-founder Mai has been tinkering with some unique ideas to create Pantree’s first menu. Pantree will offer a small lunch menu to allow the team to change offerings more often and test ideas with the public. We want to make this food accessible and available to anyone with an open mind and belly.

The next couple weeks we’ll be introducing the new items online and can’t wait for you to try them out. Without further ado, take a look at our take on a sausage and mozzarella pizza! Toppings of cultured cashew cheese and tempeh sausage crumble sit on a roasted red pepper and tomato sauce, and an oat and brown rice gluten-free crust. It’s made with those following an allium-free diet in mind as well! This hearty pizza satisfies the palate and won’t leave you feeling weighed down.

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