Hooch, Ooh Cha Cha’s Event Space

It started November 7th, a frantic tear down, electrified fire blowing out the wall, fire retardent powder covering everything, cursing, cuts, pinches, blows to the gut, but by December 1st, the upstairs at Ooh Cha Cha Tech was finished. We said goodbye to Pantree and fired up the new kitchen.

Then began the real work and this time without the help of any other contractors. Walls came down, walls were put up, and now finally after 4 months of work it's opening, Hooch our café and bar in B1 of Ooh Cha Cha Tech. We've added a new bar menu (that's certain to grow), tons of new drinks, including our house-made kombucha and ginger ale, wine, beer, coffee, and tea. We'll also be adding a few cocktails and whisky on the rocks in the near future.

Now, the basement isn't 100 percent finished (I've still got to finish up the downstairs bathroom and the projector and counter top have not yet arrived), but it's ready for people. Come join me.

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