來台北千萬不要錯過Ooh Cha Cha!我們提供超過50種的桌遊、HD投影機、音響及美味的餐點與飲品,可同時容納50人,適合舉辦私人派對或公共活動,更可為您準備客製化的派對餐點喔(需於活動兩天前預訂)!

每天 - 10:00 ~ 22:00



Who said eating healthy means you can't indulge a little? Hooch is the fun side of Ooh Cha Cha. It's a late dining experience, playground, and event space all rolled into one. We've got nachos, burrito bowls, desserts, wine, beer, and special desserts.

Check out our event page for upcoming events:

Events Schedule 活動時間表

Or book your own event. Public events require only a minimum order. We have a projector, games, and can accomidate up to 50 people. Private events have a minimum hourly rate, but the amount can go towards food and drinks. For birthdays and parties, check our birthdays page:

Birthdays and Parties 生日派對


If you’re looking for a fun venue in Taipei, look no further than Ooh Cha Cha!
Our Technology Building location is fully stocked with over 50 games, an HD projector, drinks, and food, and can seat up to 50.
This space is available for private and public events.

◎Normal operating hours:
10:00 to 22:00
(We can accommodate special event hours)

Send us a facebook message or call in to make arrangements.
Rates for private events are dependent on the day and time.
Events open to the public only require a minimum order. Party plates are available but require two days notice.



The Game Wall 桌遊

We've got a wide variety of games. Most are language agnostic with rules in English and Chinese. There are party games, cooperative and competative games, as well as a number of two player games. We'll constantly be adding games to the wall so come check it out.

For an updated list of our games check here: https://boardgamegeek.com/collection/user/oohchacha

Also, Jack Box 2, 3, 4, Nintendo Switch, and darts.



我們提供多種多樣化的啤酒,更專注於台灣本地精釀啤酒及聖地牙哥風味啤酒,酒單不斷更新中哦~有興趣的請看:啤酒單以及宵夜餐點請看這裡:菜單 同時,我們也舉辦多種活動,例如:英語學習課程、遊戲之夜、瑜珈課程、創業家座談會、Pub quiz等,活動專頁持續更新哦:活動.


We offer a wide variety of beers, focusing on local craft brew and beers from my hometown, San Diego. Our beer list is kept updated here: Beer List and our late night menu is available here: Menu. We are also host to a number of events in Taipei including English Teaching classes, game nights, pub quizzes, yoga events, entrepeneur meet ups, and more. Keep up to date on our events page: Events.