After much work and toil, Hooch is now open from 5:00-12:00 (happy hour 5:00-8:00). Located in B1 at Ooh Cha Cha Tech, Hooch will offer drinks, including beer on draft, house-made kombucha and ginger ale, and smoothies! There's nachos, dips, paninis, and more to come!

Look forward to plenty of events in the future, including cooking workshops, game and movie nights, and community classes. The space downstairs is available for public and private events, and reservations are welcome. Check the events page for the monthly schedule.

經過了一段時間的整修,Ooh Cha Cha B1 3/31開幕,位於科技大樓店的地下室,營業時間為5:00pm-12:00am,主要提飲品、小點,每月也會舉辦工作坊、烹飪教學、電影之夜等特別活動,若有興趣歡迎到本月時間表查看喔!每天的晚上5點-8點為Happy Hour🍺點任何生啤酒續杯就半價啦



The Game Wall 桌遊

We've got a wide variety of games. Most are language agnostic with rules in English and Chinese. There are party games, cooperative and competative games, as well as a number of two player games. We'll constantly be adding games to the wall so come check it out.

Our current list of games includes: Risk (Lord of the Rings), Monopoly, Dixit, Twilight Struggle, Stratego, Monopoly Deal, 7 Wonders Duel, Ghost Blitz, Saboteur, Scrabble, Othello, Jenga, Smart Ass, Settlers of Catan (with expansion), Loaded Questions, Bananagrams, Sushi Go, Life, Poker, Terra Mystica, Uno, Chess, Taboo, Cards Against Humanity, Dirty Words, Exploding Kittens, Exploding Kittens NSFW edition, Sushi Go Party, Dead Man's Draw, Hex, Joking Hazard, Labyrinth, Jack Box 2, 3, 4, including all the N64, Wii, NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, Gameboy Color, and Gamecube Games you could ever want.

In the mail: Code Names (pictures), Code Names Duet, Go Fish Yourself, Coup, The Resistance: Avalon, and The Fox in the Forest

我們以Founders Centennial IPA及Disco Macaw這兩支來自紅點手工鮮釀啤酒的桶裝啤酒為起點,開始了Ooh Cha Cha的第一個酒吧,接下來的幾個月裡,我們會提供更多不同風味的桶裝啤酒、自製發酵氣泡飲、咖啡酒、葡萄酒,屆時將能把更完善的餐點及服務呈現給大家。


We're starting with two beers on tap, Founders Centennial IPA and Disco Macaw from the local brewery Red Point and 18 more beers in the bottle fridge. In the coming months we'll add two more taps and a line of fermented sodas. In the meantime coffee (and spiked coffee too), tea, house-made fermented soda (kombuch and ginger ale), beer, and wine can be ordered at the bar.