Coworking 共同工作空間

We are now launching our coworking concept at Ooh Cha Cha Technology Building in our Hooch space. Open from 9:30am to 5:00pm on weekdays, Hooch is perfect for freelancers, startups, non-profits, or just those looking for a change in scenery. At 5:00pm, Hooch opens up to the public with the start of our Happy Hour and members can choose to call it a day or continue to use the space.

We'll be working closely with local coworking innovators Futureward. Physical passes for use of the space and access to complimentary coffee, tea and facilities will be offered at a later date. During this initial roll-out, we ask that mobile workers simply abide by the minimum order of one item (coffee is 90 NTD) and respectively, not bring outside food and drink into the facility.

While operating, Ooh Cha Cha will offer use of the projector, fast internet, water, outlets, board games, darts, and video games for those much needed breaks from reality. We'll be adding more to the facility with time, including a printer and scanner as well as hosting events, seminars, and networking mixers.

Ooh cha cha科技大樓店B1的Hooch酒吧正推出『共作空間』(coworking)的概念,於每周一到周五早上9點至下午5點的時段內提供空間租借,非常適合創業者、自由工作者、非營利組織或只是想要轉換工作環境的你,歡迎正在找尋工作空間的你前來,營運初期,您僅需達到店內最低消費限制(咖啡90元)及遵守禁帶外食的規則,即可擁有空間與設備使用權。每天下午5點Hooch開始對外營業並展開Happy Hour優惠時段,共作空間的會員們可以選擇繼續使用空間,或與我們一起為今日工作的結束暢飲一杯。