Coworking 共同工作空間

We are now launching our coworking concept at Ooh Cha Cha Technology Building in our Hooch space. Open from 10:00am to 5:00pm on weekdays, Hooch is perfect for freelancers, startups, non-profits, or just those looking for a change in scenery. At 5:00pm, Hooch opens up to the public with the start of our Happy Hour and members can choose to call it a day or continue to use the space.

Monthly rates are available, starting at 2000 NTD per month for a dedicated seat, 10% discount on food and drinks (excluding alcohol), and bottomless coffee and tea. Use of projector and other amenities are included. Day rates and 10-day passes through Futureward makerspace are also available.

While operating, Ooh Cha Cha will offer use of the projector, fast internet, water, outlets, board games, darts, and video games for those much needed breaks from reality. We'll be adding more to the facility with time, including a printer and scanner as well as hosting events, seminars, and networking mixers.

Joining us with a food and beverage start-up? We offer use of our commercial kitchen for members to product test ideas! Perfect for those looking to kick-start a vegan, food centric business, it is open for you during scheduled hours.

We also offer consultancy on business start-up in Taiwan, particularly for the food and beverage industry.

共同工作-想來個舒適愜意的工作場所,那Ooh Cha Cha科技大樓店絕對是您的最佳選擇。我們在平日早上十點到下午五點為會員開放地下室為您提供獨特的工作空間,位在市中心並供應新鮮健康的食物來增進您的工作活力,完全適合新來到這個城市的人,數位自由工作者以及期許自己有個新轉變的人。每天下午五點將開放空間給民眾,也是本店為需要放鬆心情或更多悠閒工作時間的人所開放的啤酒歡樂時間。

我們致力於為會員以經濟又實惠的價格提供一個舒服的工作環境。 會員直接在Ooh Cha Cha購買專用座位。費用為2000元,平日早上十點到下午五點,供應免費的美式咖啡,茶還有店內餐飲優惠+ 10%的折扣。