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We’ve kicked off the season with ghostly candles and creepy crawlers! Keep an eye out for the return of one of our most popular seasonal treats, the Pumpkin Spice bar! Kick off your spooky October with some guilt-free pleasures!It’s our favorite time of year again, Halloween! We’ve kicked off the holiday season with gusto, ghostly candles and creepy crawlies. Have a spooky October!

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Vegan Fish Sauce

Ooh Cha Cha持續努力於全植物飲食的研發,並以不仿製動物性食品為主,蔬食是很多樣、很多元化的,因此,我們也持續學習新的技術並激發更多創意以展現出不同的風味和特色,希望透過創造出令人驚豔與值得回味的美食讓大家看到全植物飲食的價值與潛力!

隨著Pantree的開幕,我們將實驗精神付諸於行動,在Pantree的新菜單中,越南冷麵一直深受大家的喜愛,同時也與身為越裔美國人的創辦人-Mai有著緊密的關係,這道菜的精華來自於醬汁,其在越南又稱為Nuoc Cham,是越南美食不可或缺的經典醬汁,通常為發酵過後的辛辣魚露,我們則利用少許的海帶芽、無麩質醬油與些許辛香料,結合而成鮮甜帶點鹹味的獨門醬汁,最後將其淋上作為基底的有機糙米米粉與非基因改造豆皮,道地的越南冷麵就此誕生!大家不妨來試試吧~

At Ooh Cha Cha, we strive to bring out the potential of plant-based foods without focusing too much on mimicking their animal-based counter parts. We want the plants to shine and create flavors that bring back comforting food memories. Plants are extremely versatile and we continue to learn new techniques to bring out different textures and flavors. With the opening of Pantree, we get to show our more experiments in action!

Continuing with our peak into the new menu offered at Pantree is our take on Vietnamese Cold Noodles, something near and dear to co-founder Mai’s heart. Made with local, organic brown rice noodles and non-GMO yuba, the scene stealer of the dish is the sauce. Normally made with pungent fermented fish sauce, our vegan version utilizes a reduction of wakame and gluten-free soy sauce with spices to create an intensely salty and umami mix. This faux fish sauce makes the base of our noodle sauce, or Nuoc Cham in Vietnamese, the life blood of Vietnamese cuisine.

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  Pantree一直都是我們的研發團隊並研發出Ooh Cha Cha所有的菜色,這幾個月來,創辦人Mai不停嘗試獨特的新菜色,而這份獨一無二的新菜單終於誕生了,Pantree提供的午餐菜單,將會更頻繁地更換菜色,希望透過美食讓大家敞開心胸交流,歡迎將任何想法與我們一同分享,未來幾個禮拜內也會在網路商店與你們見面喔~


We’re stoked to finally share our experimental kitchen, Pantree, with you! Pantree houses our R&D team that currently creates the items offered at Ooh Cha Cha. For the past few months, co-founder Mai has been tinkering with some unique ideas to create Pantree’s first menu. Pantree will offer a small lunch menu to allow the team to change offerings more often and test ideas with the public. We want to make this food accessible and available to anyone with an open mind and belly.

The next couple weeks we’ll be introducing the new items online and can’t wait for you to try them out. Without further ado, take a look at our take on a sausage and mozzarella pizza! Toppings of cultured cashew cheese and tempeh sausage crumble sit on a roasted red pepper and tomato sauce, and an oat and brown rice gluten-free crust. It’s made with those following an allium-free diet in mind as well! This hearty pizza satisfies the palate and won’t leave you feeling weighed down.

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Ways to use Almond Butter


我們使用喚醒後的杏仁釋放出大量的能量即生命力, 選擇不烘烤杏仁的過程來維持它的營養成分,再經過石磨機研磨超過18個小時,另外也不添加糖、鹽及油,堅持給你們最健康、最原味的杏仁醬!


We often get asked how to use almond butter in every day cooking. We have some great ideas for you! Check out the video to gather some inspiration for your next meal.
Almond butter is a great source of calcium, protein, magnesium, and low in saturated fat. We use it to add lovely creaminess to our sauces and smoothies, but you can just eat it by the spoonful, too! 🙂

We activate and dehydrate non-pasteurized almond over three days before slowly grinding in a stone grinder for over 18 hours. This process allows us to unlock the natural oils of the almonds without adding extra oils. We also choose not to add any salt or sugar to keep it as close to nature as possible.

Learn more about our stone-ground almond butter and other products at

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午茶好夥伴 誰說甜點不能好吃又營養

在 Ooh Cha Cha我們一直堅持用高品質和高營養價值的食材來手作甜點,食譜裡完全不會有精製糖、或是過度加工的成分及油。


p.s. 我們即將開幕的新店-Pantree也會開賣喲!

Who says dessert can’t be healthy and delicious?

At Ooh Cha Cha we make our desserts with high quality ingredients and nutrition in mind. We create our recipes without adding refined sugars or over processed oils. Ever wonder how we make our baked treats without white sugar, butter, eggs, margarine or gluten? Now we are giving you a peak! Check out how we make our Chocolate Avocado muffin using our own gluten free blend of flour. Our muffins come in four flavors and they’re chocked full of goodness like avocados and fair-trade cocoa.