Birthdays and Parties

Come celebrate with us! If it’s your birthday, reserve a table of 6 or more, show your ID and we’ll kick your party off right with a free pitcher or cake (please give us at least one day's notice for the cake).

And if you don’t have any friends come in, say hi, and get a free beer.

Taco platters and custom party menus are available.

Facebook page, here:

跟我們一起慶祝生日吧! 凡當日壽星(需出示證件)訂位人數達6位,我們將招待您生啤一壺或者蛋糕唷 (蛋糕需於一天前預定)!(生日蛋糕也可以購買哦) 另提供Taco拼盤和客製菜單,有任何需求歡迎到我們粉絲專頁詢問唷!